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How does legal cover work for household insurance?
Here's the situation. A friend lost her job and is claiming unfair dismissal. Her house building and contents insurance policy included legal cover, so she claimed on the policy, a solicitor was appointed and after some correspondence with the former employer, the case was given a tribunal date. When the solicitor was appointed, the insurer confirmed that all fees would be covered under the policy.

In the meantime, she's moved in with a friend to cut costs, and did not renew the insurance policy as she no longer needed it, forgetting that they were also funding the legal protection.

How much of the solicitors' fees, if any, will the insurer be liable to pay? Will they have to pay us, as agreed, for the whole case, or does their liability stop on the day the policy ended? Or, since the legal bill will only be prepared at the end of the case, do they not have to pay anything?
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siasl74 answers:

She should ask the solicitor, first!

Technically, the "spirit" of the contract is to condlude the case, I would think.

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