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Why are nine days wonders nine days wonders? Why not six day wonders or even three days wonders? Why exactly nine days?

asked in phrases, english

ac.b answers:

probably the same as 15 minutes of fame. some one made a remark that was catchy and has stuck.

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blacksmith81 answers:

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Nine days' wonder

Published Date: 15 February 2008

From the old proverb "A wonder lasts nine days and then the puppy's eyes are open".

Kittens and puppies are born blind, a time when they are said to exist in a mysterious and wonderful world. After about nine days they open their eyes and the poor things discover what their owners look like.


Although some may take this idiom to refer to Lady Jane Grey, who in 1553 reigned as Queen, for a period of nine days.


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seacommander answers:

The earliest citation, in Old English, is in the 'Harley Lyrics', circa 1325. The earliest record in print that most people today would be able to decipher is in 'Poems written in English during his captivity in England, after the battle of Agincourt' by Charles, Duke of Orleans, 1465 and well before the brief reign of Lady Jane Grey.
The link below takes you to a very interesting explanation of the origin of the phrase.


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