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what is th€ syndrom€ with g€rt tall p€opl€ who hav€ a cong€nital h€art condition?
i think it's som€thing lik€ mathans syndrom€? not gigantism.
asked in health, heart defects

imfeduptoo answers:

Could it be Marfan's Syndrome?

"People with Marfan's are typically tall, with long limbs and long thin fingers.

The most serious complication is defects of the heart valves and aorta. It may also affect the lungs, eyes, the dural sac surrounding the spinal cord, skeleton and the hard palate."


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Russel.West answers:

It is Marfan's syndrome and cardiac problems are just one of many symptoms - if it is diagnosed early enough then it can be managed.

A cousin of Emma's has it, she was not diagnosed until in her thirties and has had several heart operations to give her a better quality of life.

There is so far no known cure for the syndrome but the prognosis whilst guarded however if found early enough can be good.

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