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So, the Messiah has been sworn in; won't he end up being crucified like the last one?

asked in politics, religion, sycophancy

Family.Guy answers:

Yes he will i have no doubt, In a country where racism is rife i doubt it won't be too long before he is assassinated rather than crucified.

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duffield1 answers:

I'd like to think that he'll have a long and successful presidency - god knows, he won't have to work to hard to improve on the last one.

The question of his race will remain important for a few months, until he has stated his policies - which, as most new leaders know, start off being unpleasant and unpopular measures so that they can improve things in time for the next election - and given the world's economic state, this is likely to be harsher than his predecessors.

However, I suspect that he will be neither crucified nor assassinated - he is an intelligent and charismatic guy who probably won't put his foot into his mouth (or any other body parts, of his own or anyone elses), but takes a far more measured and polished approach to politics. I think we're unlikely to see radical changes, but perhaps this is a good thing at a time of global instability - financial and political.

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