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The governmaent are prepared to buy teachers at ten grand a pop to stay in problem schools. Why not buy the kids instead by promising them money at the end of the academic year depening on their performance?

Supplement from 01/21/2009 03:47pm:
'depending' on their performance, of course.

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high1971 answers:

that might be seen as trouble some as how to do rate a childs performance as the child may have a learning problem or a problem at home that harms their school work

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siasl74 answers:

The ten grand would not buy a lot of pupils. The teachers have to stay for 3 years, so if you wanted the equivalent "purchasing power" for pupils, it would be £3000 a year. Given there can be upwards of 100 pupils in a year, that's £30/pupil - not a great incentive. You could argue that you only give it to the top achievers, but that won't "incentivise" the under-achievers as they will already think they've got no chance to start with.

Additionally, if the pupils do well at school then they will already, in theory, be rewarded in cash in the form of better job prospects.

If this cash gets a good teacher to stick with a problem school, it can only be a good thing. Obviously you've then got to (a) define what a "good" teacher is, and then (b) find some who are willing to work in that school which probably doesn't have a good environment to begin with.

Supplement from 01/22/2009 03:05pm:

Just to turn the question on it's head - do you think that only giving a financial incentive to a pupil to work is a good thing?

Yes, a child needs to learn the economics of life, but there is more to life than money, and there is more to education than learning some facts in a book to pass an exam. A school should be a pleasant and enjoyable learning community, not a job.

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wumpus answers:

What if I, as a parent, do not approve of my kid suddenly being given a couple of hundred quid?

What would he do with it?

What COULD he do with it?

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duffield1 answers:

If you were to implement your idea, you'd have to do it across all schools, not just the poor performing ones. Why? Because parents would start to move their kids. You see it all the time - schools have a really bad reputation, get a new team of staff who boost the school and bring its reputation right up, then the other local schools then appear inferior. The parents that care move their kids, so you end up with another really good school, and one that is left with, frankly, dross.

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rasputin1309 answers:

why not just give them a damn good hiding if they misbehave?

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Russel.West answers:

Performance related payments for the children?!! - I should have thought by some of the media's reports about bad behaviour in schools are to be believed then the knee jerk reaction would be to say we'd be better off using Military Forces teachers - with flack jackets and armed with tasers...

I am a fan of encouraging good behaviour and making the deterrent for bad bahaviour such that it wouldn't be worth choosing to behave badly - I was by the way joking about the bit above - well the military teachers - Tasers could well be used to prevent injury by anyone carrying say a knife with intent to injur or cause loss of life...

In my humble opinion children need to be given boundaries and encouraged to remain well inside them - those that constantly break them need a lot more care and attention than most people would want them to have (compared to the attention well behaved kids get) and that is where I believe this government needs to put money - in specialist teachers trained in child protection and dealing with problem children, in my experience 'problem children' don't need punishing, they need to be cared for because often something else in their life is very very wrong!

These young minds are our countries and societies future - we need to feed them, stretch them, challenge them, nurture them and teach them to think for themselves, become valuable and feel they are needed - I say bring back free colleges and universities for all our children, so that everyone has an equal chance to excel... that includes children from lower performing schools.

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