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animals beginning with Z
is there any other animals in the world that begins with a Z apart from zebra
asked in science

Messerwisser answers:


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imfeduptoo answers:


Supplement from 01/21/2009 05:28pm:

Whoops!!! I'll think of another.

Supplement from 01/21/2009 05:31pm:

Zebra mussel - obviously that's what I was going to say in my original answer.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Zorilla, striped polecat - ICTONYX STRIATUS
Class: Animals with Milk Glands (Mammalia)
Subclass: True Mammals (Eutheria)
Order: Meat-eating Mammals (Carnivora)
Family: Mustelidae.
The Name "Zorilla": "Zorilla" is the diminutive of the Spanish word "zorro," which means "fox." "Pole" is of unknown origin, but the animal is definitely not a cat.
Location: Sub-Saharan Africa.
Habitat: Terestrial. Savanna and open grasslands

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agentju90 answers:

alt€rnat€ sp€lling for x€bu isz€bu. a typy of bison/ox us€d in macdonalds burg€rs.

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