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on th€ t€nn n b€€b2 today, murry during a r€st drank a sip of wat€r,
th€n a sip f som€thing y€llow from a diff€r€nt bottl€. th€n mor€ wat€r. th€n mor€ y€llow, and finaly mor€ wat€r. ok th€ y€llow must b€ a igh €n€rgy drink, but whyhav€ 2 bottl€s? is it a ritual kind of thing?
asked in sport, tennis

siasl74 answers:

I can't think of any good metabolic reason, so it's either something to do with personal preference or corporate sponsorship (I assume both bottles are branded?).

Maybe during a match he might vary the combination to change the "dosage" or "concentration" of the energy drink, and maybe there's a profile to adhere to for optimum performance (e.g. start on the energy drink so this has a chance to get into the system before the match ends and gradually change the mix to water so that he stayes hydrated).
Does he continue with the same profile throughout a match?

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PARRY22 answers:

Sometimes players do things in a ritual manner either through simple superstition or to steady their nerves.
Next time you see Nadal play see if he places his drinking bottle in a precise position between his feet each time there is a rest period.

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