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Would Obama prosecute the Bush administration for brutal interrogations or issue a blanket pardon ?
The US president can do with pardoning power whatever he wants.
asked in Pardon, politics

robinsamuels answers:

Nixon was pardoned, mainly to stop the "Office of the President of the United States" getting dragged down into the mud. Nixon is still seen as a dirt-bag by most people.

I can't see Obama doing anything different with Bush. Americans are very proud of their presidents, even when they may disagree vehemently with any one individual one. Prosecuting Bush could end that for ever. The world has it's own opinions on Bush and a prosecution would not change that.

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high1971 answers:

well if he did and i can't see it
will he prosecute his own party as if i remember correctly they backed the first reading of the bill for kitmo on the hill

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Russel.West answers:

He should but I don't feel it would achieve anything more than vindicate the actions of terrorists!

What I would like to see is far more transparency about what the USA does on foreign sovereign territory - in the name of war on terror.

I'd also like to see them either prosecute or release those detained after capture on the battlefields of Afghanistan or Iraq - justice has to have prevailed for the Americans to be seen by the nations of the world to be fair, otherwise all they do is fuel the fires of hatred and out of those ashes rise terrorists with as they see it legitimate reasons to wage a war of terror...

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