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animal cruelty or just a bad idea of money making
http://news.uk.msn.com/world/arti cle.aspx?cp-documentid=13150812 copy
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Hiheels answers:

That's ruddy shameful - the same as when you see babies with their ears pierced.

This is something that's been inflicted on them.
In the instance of the cats, who can say with certainty that they feel pain the same as we do, who can prove that it doesn't hurt them all the time.

I'm rather glad her business is failing.

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tracieboo answers:

That is disgusting, cruel and totally unnessersary. Why on earth anyone would want a kitten that looked like it had been impaled on a spike.
Surely it would also cause problems to the kitten aswell, what if it got caught up on a branch? also i would think the puncture wound could become infected.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Now why Should i be surprise its was American who did this.
Thank goodness in this country it be classed under the Cruetly act as Cruelty and suffering and possibly Neglect.
What they do to their Betta fish (siamease fightng fish.)is unthinkable. They lay the makes on a damp towl ect and with a scapel wil cut their beautiful tails into all shapes and sizes, just to show off on the best cut fins they can do. In the states they take the claws out of cats, what they dont realise is, this bugga`s up their walking,balance and spine and its extremely painful, as lot of people think they just remove the claws, they dont the whole tendons and toes are removed, all because they dont wan their flipping furniture scratched. I hope this woman deserves all she gets. Its disgusting it perverse, cruel and flies in the eye of Mother natures way of a cats survial.
(soz but i do get on my soap box about this. what price vanity at the expense and pain of a innocent animal.)

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agentju90 answers:

€vil as h€ll. sh€ should € lock€d up. sh€'s ups€t h€r nam€ is ruin€d? what about th€ cats sh€ ruin€d, just for th€ sak€ of mon€y or fashion. p€ircing is an un n€€d€d m€dical proc€dur€. p€opl€ hav€ a choic€ to hav€ it don€. animals don't. mak€s m€ angry wh€n i r€ad stori€s lik€ this. i f€€l th€ sam€ about babi€s and todl€rs who hav€ p€irc€d €ars. wait until th€ child can d€cid€ for th€ms€lv€s.

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