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Is there anything I can do about a nuisance neighbour?
Bear me out - and only responses that are legal to do!!!!

One of my neighbours is an annoying so and so. Between the property is some land that he attempted to gain via adverse possession, but he failed and I bought it. Since then he has objected to every planning application I've made (I have to have planning for pretty much anything, I've put in 3 applications so far, each for something that would normally not need it) - none of his objections have made any bearing on the applications being granted.

Now I've started to incorporate the land I bought into my garden - basically I had all the weeds and trees taken out and levelled it. He's since submitted a ludicrous complaint that I have filled in a water course in levelling the land - never mind that there's never been any standing water in that land, or that there's nowhere for the water to run to anyway. Living in a flood sensitive area, the council are now out to have a good old rummage around (I don't mind them doing so, as they're only doing their job).

Anyway, under the assumption that I'm in the right (which hasn't been decided yet, I admit) is there anything I can legally do to put the brakes on him essentially filing frivolous complaints with my local council?

PS - advocating a friendly "kiss & make up" is not going to fly as advice, either. I'm perfectly willing to get on with my life, but it seems his mission in life is now to annoy me
asked in law

duffield1 answers:

If you are planning to seek different planning permission in the future, it might be worth accompanying your planning permission application with the letter to the planning officer, stating that, based upon past experience, you would expect a frivolous, vexatious and repetitious complaint from a neighbour, citing the complaints he has had in the past who have all been over-ruled, and the current situation.

Local authorities have the power to deem such complaints as such, in which case, they are disregarded for the sake of the planning consent.
This website tells you about Greenwich's position on this kind of NIMBY complaint, but most councils will apply similar conditions, especially where you can show a track record.

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