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I play for you? (Song - Don't know the real title)
Where can I get/find the song - which title I don't know - that goes like: hm hm hm hm I play for you, for you, for you, I play for you hm hm hm hm.... and this hm hm hm is the same, and its kind of techno music/melodie... Greatful for help! ^^
asked in music, techno, song

Leohuberh answers:

Tonight while the lights are shinin' and the microphone is on, I'll play for you.
So many will be the blessings and so short will the time, I'll stay with you.
But I'll play for you, I love you yes I do. You can say that I'm your friend,
You can see my life begin and end. I'll always play for you.


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