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Would society benefit if the first few years of childrens' schooling were devoted to teaching them how to lead decent lives in the community,and to be caring and useful people?
Yes, parents can teach them this kind of thing but learning in a group and interacting with others is usually more effective than learning this sort of thing alone.
Most children don't easily grasp, or need to know, the three Rs until they are 6 or 7, when they will understand more quickly anyway, so wouldn't it be better to teach them to be valuable members of sociey at an age when it might inspire them?
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Russel.West answers:

Sharing what our parents and grandparents teach us could well be part of the early learning, it would also mean children could explore other families values and morals, especially if they are different to mainstream beliefs, I am always trying to promote understanding and acceptance of diversity in individuals and cultures, I'm sure children would be far more accepting of their differences once they found their commonality - which starts with a heartbeat, the most common denominator for all...

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tracieboo answers:

Schools do try, i find a lot of the good work done in schools is undone when the child goes home. sadly a lot of parents don't care about their childs morals and no amount of teaching them about being a good citizen at school will help, they go home and see all sorts of things they shouldn't and that to them is normal life and they grow up doing the same thing as their parents.
Of course schools can try and show them right from wrong and most do have time set aside for such lessons, but not at the expense of them learning how to read and write.

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jacquesdor answers:

Oh my goodness, I sounded just like Rasputin then!!
Nothing more to add though, I think it a wonderful idea. The sort of early learning we used to get from out family but which, sadly, doesn´t seem to exist much these days.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Children lead by family example and if it differs from what is being taught I can't see it being a benefit as whose word will they take as gospel their parents or the school.

I think a good base would be to teach children to share, play and use their imagination which seems to sadly lacking in the rush to teach them about things that are far beyond their tender years.

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xoloriib answers:

I think that for some professions that could be a disadvantage. Ruthlessness is often looked upon as highly desirable.

It would be good but with all the other things that children now have to learn it could be too much to expect to include it in the school curriculum.

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seacommander answers:

The family is a very strong influence on behaviour and Topaz makes a good point. However, peer pressure is also very influential and I think your idea has a great deal of merit since this is exactly what it will be based upon. Anything to help engender decent and acceptable social behaviour is vital. I think we live in an increasingly selfish society nowadays and encouraging a more sharing and caring way of life from an early age has to be encouraged.
Unfortunately, we are surrounded by this emphasis on oneself - how many advertisements do you here nowadays that say things like, 'it's all about you' (from a leading instant coffee brand), or contain phrases prefaced by 'your'.

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