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how can bullying aff€ct a p€rsons m€ntal h€alth?

asked in health, nvq

Topaz2308 answers:

It can destroy their confidence leading to them feeling not worthy and not acceptable in society, thus leading them to bouts of depression, no self worth and in severe cases agoraphobia.

It ruins everything they ever felt about themselves and any confidence they ever had.

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tracieboo answers:

What you have to remember about bullies is they have no self worth and it is the only way they can get noticed and get some attention. It makes them feel big, when infact all it does is make them look stupid.

If you remember that, then they won't get to you.

If you forget, then you feel low, lacking in confidence and makes you want to hide away.

So remember what a bully is and they won't make you feel that way.

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Russel.West answers:

Badly - it attacks the very fabric of an individual, causing them to hold themselves in low opinion of themselves since "why would anyone bully a strong person - surely only the weak get bullied?" is a thought that many a person who is or has been bullied asks them self...

Truth is the bully is often the person who has very low self esteem or a BPD or PD that's a borderline personality disorder or a full blown personality disorder, luckily few bullies have the last two disorders, but if they did they would be unaware of their behaviour and would not be able to be confronted, however the bully who has low self esteem envies someone else's qualities and wishes they had them... sadly most victims of bullying are unaware of this - survivors of bullying however are aware of this fact and tend not to engage the bully except on occasion to confront their behaviour which bullies rarely repeat doing to that kind of survivor in the knowledge that survivors often blow the whistle on their bullying tactics.
I did a lot of training surrounding bullying in the work place and recognising its effects on individuals - these days occupational health gets involved and counseling often helps the victim / survivor and retraining helps the bully to change and self challenge and correct their behaviour.

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laratheangel answers:

I was a victim of bullyin when I was 12 & suffered from depression and anxiety... as if I didn't have enough problems being that age :-(
Lara xx

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