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Which one is correct? I went to a hotel or I went to an hotel.
Is it appropriate to use an(article) with Hotel
asked in literature

wumpus answers:

Yes, you're supposed to refer to "an hotel"

But very few people do.

So it depends whether you count correctness as being "that used by the majority" or "that used by pedants of the English language".

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xoloriib answers:

It depends on how you pronounce hotel. If you sound the h then you should say a hotel. If you don't sound the h then it's an (h)otel.

Supplement from 01/26/2009 08:41pm:

This only applies to spoken English.

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macavity answers:

I was taught that an is used before a vowel and if vowel is not the next letter then a

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jacquesdor answers:

To be correct, the h is silent, as in hour, so just as we refer to an hour, we should say an hotel.

Supplement from 01/28/2009 04:54pm:

Both in written and spoken English

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