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Am i a Racist? (more info below.)
I have just had to ring B.T. re my bill, the male who answered was not an English speaking person and i could not understand a word he was saying, (his accent was so strong.) I asked politely, if i could speak to an english speaking person as i could not understand a word he was saying, he got quite rude and frankly upset me. he implied to me i was being racist, which i am not. In end i put the phone down. so what do i do now? i real need to talk to some-one whom i can understand ? what are my rights please? this as upset me greatly.
Supplement from 01/26/2009 02:52pm:
After spending 20 mins on phone to B.T. (gawd awful music to.) I finally spoke to a supervisor who listened to the phone convo etc. And as a way of an appology they are going to knock 10% off of my next bill, and a letter will be sent out. Thanks all for your answers. I am still upset but i get over it.

asked in english, speaking people

Family.Guy answers:

No you are not racist in fact i would go so far as to say that person was the racist one. Just because you do not understand an accent it does not make you a racist, I would ring up again and ask to speak to someone that speaks clearer so i can understand them. Maybe asking for a supervisor or line manager might help you, rather than asking for an English speaker lol

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siasl74 answers:

First, make a note of the time you made the call, the number you called from and, if you know it, the person you spoke to. Then ring back and ask to speak to a supervisor and have a jolly good old moan about it. You're not racist for not being able to understand an accent, and being abused in such a manner is Just Not On (TM). BT should have recordings of the call (used for training, and the like), so they should be able to review the call and (hopefully) administer justice to the rather misguided call-centre staff member.

There are a bunch of numbers you can call on, but I suspect the 08xx ones are routed to india. Searching on the "saynoto0870" website on the string "BT-" will get you a bunch of others - there's a few London landline numbers you can call - whether they can help you is another matter.

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duffield1 answers:

If I were you, I'd call back - you may well get another overseas operative, but hopefully, with a less strong accent. If you still don't understand them, ask to speak to a manager - don't say why, and if they ask, insist that it is a very personal issue.

To be fair, he probably did class himself as an English-speaking person, which is why he might have come across as a bit rude, but don't take it to heart. It takes all sorts of people to make up this world!

If you still struggle, you can always email BT and request that they call you back - in my experience with the Three mobile phone company, responses to emails are usually dealt with in the UK, whilst all phonecalls go to an overseas call centre.

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high1971 answers:

thats not racist thats just your right to speak to a person you can understand

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Poindexter answers:

You should do the only sensible thing: call him a homophobe.

Seriously, you should call the same number again, ask to speak to a supervisor, and report this to him (or her).

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