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which is appropriate. I want to talk to you or I want to talk with you. & I want to speak to you or I want to speak to you

asked in grammar

vultan answers:

Depends on the context. 'talk with you' is the friendliest.

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P-Kasso answers:

Speaking 'to' someone implies you are in charge, it's a one-way conversation and have you something really serious to talk about.

Talking 'with' or speaking 'with' someone implies a two-way, mutual and far less threatening conversation.

But either is correct. Depends on your preference.

Talking 'to' someone is the traditionally UK English usage for conversing - whereas talking 'with' someone is a relatively recent import into English from (1970s - 1980s) American English - and thought to be far more in keeping with these bliddy Politically Correct times!

Obviously, whoever started this daft trend needs a good talking to!

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LeggyandLovely answers:

Might sound better if you said I would like to talk to talk with you, far less of a demand I think, unless of course you are The Boss andit would become I will be talking to you.

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