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Can anyone tell me why they are fighting over the last 20% of the land area of the former Ottoman province of Palestine?
After all the arabs were given 80%of it( Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan - 1922) to the exclusion of Jews.
Why dont the palestinian arabs go there? There's plenty of room.
asked in politics

LeggyandLovely answers:

At the end of the day its greed!

Supplement from 01/27/2009 05:57pm:

Where people have been killed and children are suffering, I don't think anyone will ridicule this conflict, but after the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan I would have thought that Britain and America would be very loathe to take a side and get involved to such a degree again. Perhaps, until the problem can be resolved long term as both sides are to blame for the fighting and desecration, perhaps Gaza should become a sorta No Mans Land the equivalent to Right of Way here and both sides now need to reflact on the damage they have done, the amount of lives lost, the amount of money this whole thing has cost and how much it is going to cost for people to rebuild their homes, then perhaps they will realise how futile it all has been.

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