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Can I take my house off an estate agents books?
I rashly signed a contract to allow an agency to market my house. I was unhappy with how it started - he never explained their terms to me at all and it turns out there is a 3 month lock in and I cant go multiple agency. i know stupid not to check but I had used the agency before and assumed their terms were the same. Then their service was poor - not replying to emails - copying their ad from a propertybroker ad for my house - generally showing a massive lack of effort and interest. The relationship has got off to a terrible start and I dont want it to continue. I explained this to one of their team - who said that they were having to send me a new contract anyway ( the original stated the wrong price ) and that they'd done no work yet so I might just have to pay an admin fee for the ad. I said I was happy to do this but have since received a curt message from the manager saying they were going ahead and marketing it. Making me even more certain I dont want to use them. Where do I stand?
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cryptminder answers:

If you have signed a contact but if they have admitted it had the wrong price and they want you to sign another then you are in the clear.
Dont sign another and go with another agency.
Write back reminding them of the fact, by their own addmittance that the original contract is null and void as it stated the wrong price and that you will not sign another contract that they should not contact you again or you will hand everything over to your lawyer to sue them for hassassment

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blacksmith81 answers:

I presume that you have a solicitor, to handle any conveyancing required etc, simply ask him/her to give this contract, 'the once over' and explain your position in law. They will be better placed to give an objective opinion, as they will be able to refer to this document specifically.

Generally, you don't have to accept any offer, made on your property, no matter who or where it comes from. The Estate agent has no power to compel you to accept any offer, or accept any offer on your behalf.
Three months can pass relatively quickly, after which time, you can tell them where to insert their contract.

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