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If there were less tv channels would there be less overweight people? Is commercial tv better because you can be more active during the breaks?

asked in tv channels, obesity, opinion

moonzero2 answers:

Probably not, but we might see better quality tv

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Russel.West answers:

I'm a BBC fan and can't stand the commercials, besides I paid my TV licence and intend to get the best value I can - also when I'm at the gym I watch the BBC 24 newscreen, which I can see from the running machine, cross trainer, rower and bikes... takes my mind off the pain, oh, and stops me watching those fit young ladies! - who are amaized to see a fat, old, balding, idiot last 30 mins without collapsing!!!

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wumpus answers:

Breaks make it worse - you get up to get a drink, find the biscuit tin, and the rest is biology.

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lilyde answers:

Are you trying to say that all overweight people are lazy??? i suffer from pcos that makes it hard for me to lose weight, so if you see a big person, dont assume they just sit in front of the tv all day eating, some people out there have a condition that makes them big, and unless you have been 'over weight' you will never understand anything about it!

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