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Sprained ankle, should i keep it elevated as much as possible or should i be putting it down now and again to let the blood flow to it?

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rasputin1309 answers:

ice it and elevate it

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siasl74 answers:


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duffield1 answers:

Whilst it is still badly swollen, you should follow ICE (Ice, compression, elevation), although when the swelling starts to go down, then you can try and be more mobile, but use ICE again if the swelling comes back up.

Your blood will still flow to it with the foot elevated. :-)

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xoloriib answers:

Keep your foot elevated so that the water gathers at your knee. Put an ice pack on it to keep the swelling to minimum. If it's already swollen use a bandage to keep it compressed.

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Family.Guy answers:

If you are getting the pins and needles then to put your foot down will not hurt for a while but raise it again.
This is also an indication that there maybe something wrong with the blood flow if it is constant check your capillary refill bress down on your toenail for 5 seconds and see how quickly it takes to become normal colour again.
But the treatment is RICE as everyone else has suggested. If you put a support bandage on after 15 mins of ice take the bandage off at night but sleep with a pillow under your foot and if in a few days it is still painful see your GP.

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