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Do you need to be working in a specific field to gain a NVQ in that field?
I presume that as they are vocational qualifications, there has to be some kind of practical assessment, but how much? If I can do all the coursework, as there any limit to the number of subjects in which I could gain an NVQ, without actually working in the field?

How much does it cost to do an NVQ course?
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high1971 answers:

not for most sourses as most nvq courses are done in colleges and uni's so they have the area for assesments if needed

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tracieboo answers:

It depends, the higher the level of nvq, the more time you need to spend working within the environment you are training for. Most nvq's require you to be in a classroom for two days a week, with at least one day working within a setting of your chosen field. That would be for a level 2 and 3, if you go up further for level 4-5's then you are expected to be working 'full time' in that subject and you are wanting to advance your career prospects, as these levels are usually only one day a week in the classroom. Though it will vary between the different nvq's.
Most tutors will check and make sure you have a placement within a work setting, either paid or voluntary, if the person on the course isn't already working within the industry.

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