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is a tens machine the same as an ems machine? can I use a tens machine for muscle build?
ive got a tens machine - originally for pain relief. can i use it for muscle build i.e abs? Whats the different between a Tens machine and an EMS Machine?
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Messerwisser answers:

They have some similarity in operation but are optimized for different purposes.You can always try it.
More here:

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blacksmith81 answers:

It may be possible to convert it, but probably not advisable. The output power of an Electro-muscular Stimulator, is considerably higher than that of a TENS machine.

By the time you've analysed the circuit of the TENS machine, beefed up its output. It would have cost you less, in terms of both time and components etc, to have gone out and bought the EMS you want off the shelf, in the first place.

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