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What's the best way to transport a domstic cat when moving house? Is it the same for different breeds?
The picture is obviously a joke.
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tracieboo answers:

One of these...same for all breeds.

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siasl74 answers:

As Mrs Boo says, a cat basket, cardboard box (with holes) or other such suitable container. But......

while the house is being packed up into a van, try and keep an area in a room that is quiet so that the cat doesn't get too upset. Leave them some familiar blankets and toys in that room and if possible put those into the carrier while the cat is in there to help reduce stress. Upon arrival at the new home, try and repeat this so that the cat isn't upset by all the trampings around by strange people in a strange new place. Giving them something familiar will help comfort them.

Once all the boxes are in the house, and things have calmed down a bit, slowly get the cat used to the new house before letting it out.

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