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What can you do with marmalade that goes too runny when you are making it?
Stefan, my pianist pal, has branched out into orange marmalade.

He's followed a Delia recipe, used pectin etc, followed the recipe to the last letter...but it is still too runny.

Probably because, as he confesses only now, he should have left the lids off the pans when it was simmering.

Is there any fail-proof way to make it thicken up?

Or anything sneaky he can do to save the day?

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asked in cooking, food, marmalade

Messerwisser answers:

Use agar agar:

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moonzero2 answers:

re-simmer with the lids off maybe,

or use it as a sweet dip.

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jacquesdor answers:

Try lemon juice,- the juice of two and a half lemons for each pund of fruit used. Simmer again until the teaspoon test gives you a setting point.
It will set better as it properly cools so don´t judge it too soon.
If the lemons dont work you can buy pectin in bottles ( or jars) for jam making, try an extra dollop of that.
Sadly, once the sugar has been added too much boiling will result in very tough peel.
Sorry I can´t be any more help than to offer a fingers crossed idea.

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rainchild answers:

pectin is in the seeds of lemons, so soak a bunch of lemon seeds in some hot water and add the hot water. Or you can do what the Americans do and add gelatine. There is seaweed based gelatine available if you prefer a vegetarian option. I see no reason to add cups of sugar in order to make it 'gel'. Here we buy a lovely French jam called fruit rhapsodie, and it contains no added sugar at all! Just pure fruit, and it gels wonderfully.

Supplement from 02/01/2009 03:11am:

Oh, look! You have it too!
Jam without sugar. It works so well, I don't know why they used to think you needed sugar to make it 'gel'.

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Theminxy1 answers:

Once you have runny Marmelade, it's very difficult to rescue it. My suggestion is to make lots of bread and butter puddings, and use it to spread on the bread after the butter. Makes a delicious pud, and very warming .

Boil it with the lid off next time, and there should be no problem.

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