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Strange food that causes you a dilemma...?
Chicken omelette.

I've always had a problem trying to get my head round this idea. I don't think I would ever eat a chicken omelette.
asked in food

imfeduptoo answers:

Risotto - I could never eat this.
I've never tasted it so I could be missing something really nice but, to me, it looks so awful that I'd rather starve than try it.

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xoloriib answers:

I'm very wary of trying new foods but especially anything that is described as something burger : turkey burger for example. Those things always look like moulded sausage meat.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Now for me anything that has a tomato in it just puts me off even thinking about trying. I know I might miss out on some wonderful recipes that are cooked in sauces with tomatoes in them but it is something that just sends me all of a quiver at the thought.

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laratheangel answers:

No... put it in my mouth and I eat it. Should make me popular when I leave the parental home ;-) hahhahha Lara xx

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oddbob86 answers:

Any seafood, I know i would probably like some of it but its just wanting to eat it.. Like sardines and prawns. they are just one of those things i'll never eat

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