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As the principles behind Global Warming are taught in High School geography classes, why are people so panicked about the impact of the human race and determined to blame it for rising sea levels?

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Hiheels answers:

Control - people like to think they have control over their surroundings....some people have a lot to learn.

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wumpus answers:

The thought of sunbathing on a beach in Manchester is certainly enough to panic about!

But this particular science is a relatively new and trendy one to get involved in.

New theories are coming in all the time.

Some very respected scientists are rubbishing the idea that it's humanity that's causing the mess; others are adamant about it.

Unfortunately "going green" is very fashionable at the moment.
In some ways it is a good thing; reducing your usage of a diminishing resource is of benefit to the planet, and reduces your household expenditure.

In others, it's a very bad thing. People are using it to justify all sorts of crazy bureaucratic legislation.

Others are being conned into buying "green" items which are actually causing more of a problem than they solve.

Some examples:

The home wind-farm.
People are forking out around £1000 a go for an item with a payback time of 20 years and a life expectancy of 10.
And they're having to get planning permission from the council to do it; that costs another £100 or so.

Combi boilers:
Yes, they're fairly efficient when working.
But very prone to breakdown, and very expensive to service and repair. The parts go obsolete after 10 years; my last cast-iron boiler lasted well over 35 years with no major faults.
Factor in that cost, and switching to a combi is a false economy.

And it's far more "green" to keep using your old car than to trade it in for a newer "greener" model.
By the time a new car hits the dealership, it has already consumed about 40% of the energy it will use in its entire lifetime.
People simply don't think about the green cost of manufacturing green items; they only look at the fuel economy and tax band.

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xoloriib answers:

There is plenty of evidence to say that rising sea levels are more due to the deforestation of the land. Trees normally slow the progress of te water to the sea. With a limit on the uptake of cloud into rain the sea levels are not returning to their previously lower level.

It is easy to panic most people especially those who congregate. Humans are their own worse enemy and modern methods of communication add to the problem.

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imfeduptoo answers:

My opinion is that the Earth is going through a normal cycle and there is absolutely nothing that humans can effectively do to change anything.

We are told, by the powers that be, that we are causing the problem because there would be real widespread panic if it was thought that we were powerless to do anything to control global warming.
The most we can do is to slow it down in a miniscule way.

So we are encouraged to think we are responsible and panic about it to hide the truth.

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