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Apart from asparagus, is there any other food that does strange things to your wee?

Supplement from 02/02/2009 03:23pm:
....and what do those foods actually do?

(sorry Duff - I thought that would be understood...)

asked in food, urine

Hiheels answers:

Beetroot and Guinness, apparently.

Supplement from 02/02/2009 03:35pm:

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xoloriib answers:

Corned beef.

Supplement from 02/02/2009 03:34pm:

It produces an odour during urination not unlike that which is produced after eating Asparagus. It is caused by the extra sodium content.

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tracieboo answers:

Sugar puffs....apparently.

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athenabs13ohe answers:

Rhubarb and carrots can to.

Supplement from 02/02/2009 03:27pm:

well i understood it ok. i read it as "can certain foods change the colour of urine etc. Dark Greens I.E. Spring Collards can cahnge the colour of your urine as well.

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tarapalmer1974 answers:

The color of the foods you eat can definitely influence the color of your urine or stools esp beets, carrots; licorice ; berrries, asparagus and rhubarbs;and cranberry juice.,etc. Discolored urine is often caused by medications, certain foods or food dyes. For instance, the dyes used in some sugary cereals can show up in kids' urine. In some cases, though, changes in urine color may be caused by certain health problems

Beets, blackberries and mom's rhubarb pie can turn urine red or pink.

Foods and supplements. Leading food culprits include vitamin C and carrots and carrot juice. Large amounts of carotene, the orange pigment in carrots, winter squash and other vegetables, can also discolor the palms of your hands and soles of your feet

Blue or green urine
A dye used in several medications that treat urinary pain (Trac Tabs, Urised) can turn urine blue. Other offenders include:

Foods. Asparagus gives urine a greenish tinge as well as a characteristic odor.

Dark brown or tea-colored urine
Food. Eating large amounts of fava beans, rhubarb or aloe can cause dark brown urine.


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vultan answers:

I once ate so much pork in one day that my wee smelled of pork all the next day.

Pork. Truly, it's the king of meats.

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minx_24.nik answers:

Anti-biotics can make your wee smell really strong!!

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