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Can you artifically ingest 'feel-good' hormones?
For example, is it possible to eat something containing endorphins or seratonin, so that they eventually wind up in your bloodstream?

I don't mean foods that naturally increase your feel-good hormone levels, but actually artificially increasing your hormone levels.
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blacksmith81 answers:

Yes, however they need to be in the form of Amino-Acids, like Tryptophan, an Amino-Acid found in Dairy products.



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seacommander answers:

Chocolate contains serotinin which can be released directly into the bloodstream; hence chocolate's reputation for providing an instantaneous mood lift.

'Eating chocolate also releases Seratonin and Phenylethylamine into the system, thus (as all chocoholics know), when we are feeling down or depressed chocolate can provide a 'lift', instantly improving our mental state.'


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