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What are the tourist attractions of Potsdam? What transport connections are there locally, nationally and internationally?
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Poindexter answers:

Potsdam is just outside of Berlin, so you can get there via Berlin-Tegel or Berlin-Schönefeld. Or by taking a train to Berlin.

Potsdam is the former city of residence of the kings of Prussia, so there are many historical buildings relating to this former function.

Personally, I'd say visit Berlin and plan for a day trip (or a longer excursion) to Potsdam.


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dibashi answers:

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Ok, the most famous tourist attraction is "Schloss Sanssouci"
Northwest from Potsdam, the park Sanssouci is located, which has an area of 287 hectares and in which for over two centuries a diversity of castles and gardens has been growing. One of these buildings is the so-called leisure house, Schloss Sanssouci. In 1744, Friedrich der Große commissioned the architect, Georg Wenzeslaus, to construct this castle; and in 1747, this castle, which represents an example of Rococo, was dedicated. Friedrich der Große, who spoke French instead of German, used this castle for free time. The name Sanssouci is French and means without worry. In front of the castle, one sees a stairway and six parabolic swinging terraces for wine grapes, which remind one of the classic French art of garden building. On the terraces, in the alcoves enclosed by glass, wine grapes, small orange trees and fig trees were raised. In the foreground the great fountain is located.


Supplement from 02/04/2009 06:15am:

Potsdam has no airport but Berlin is nearly Potsdam- via Airport Tegel you can go by bus or train.

here the "shopping" street :

Supplement from 02/04/2009 06:21am:

last a picture of "Glinicker Brücke"
you know the hisstory of this bridge?
The steel bridge was rebuilt in 1947-1949 and was - shortly after the foundation of the two german states - reopened in December 1949 as the “Bridge of Unity”. The border between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic ran through the middle of the bridge.


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