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How should I hold my head?
Bit of a strange questions, this, but bear with me.

I've mentioned a few times that I suffer from bad sinuses, recurring infections and near constant blockages.

It's a particularly thick sort of catarrh which flows very slowly, and won't budge under normal nose-blowing or sniffing.

Is there a position (or sequence of positions) for me to orient my head, to ensure optimal drainage or clearance of catarrh from the sinuses?
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duffield1 answers:

I suffer the same way, and have to say that there is no angle that seems to help this. However, steam helps make the ghastly, thick snot more fluid, which does allow you to blow out a seeming unstoppable flow of catarrh.

The best way to implement this, and probably worthwhile if this happens time and time again, is to buy a vapour inhaler - I've seen that the Vick vapour rub people have made one that Sainsbury's sell. Failing that, if any of the women in your family have got a steam pore-deblocker (these are often on sale in places like Aldi for a fiver!), that will work, too. Drop in a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil for best effect.

You can head down to the local gym's steamroom, too, but really you need to keep taking a break to blow your nose, as other steam roomers won't be happy if you take a great wadge of tissues in with you!

To get the best effect, you need to do it fairly regularly to keep your sinuses clear, but it can stop the headaches and help get rid of infections more quickly as the bacteria has less time to multiply.

Supplement from 02/04/2009 09:24am:

Just to say, you can always use a bolw of boiling water with a few drops of oil in, and the put your head over it, with a towel over the back of your head to keep the steam in, but personally, I find this irritates the eyes and just gives you a horribly sweaty face, so you don't last as long as you do with the ones that just cover your nose.

(This last one is quite funny - it comes with a warning "As seen in the Daily Mail"! Hehehe)

Supplement from 02/04/2009 09:26am:

This one does the same as the Vick inhaler, but is a darn site cheaper at £9.99 from Argos, and it comes with a bonus head band!:

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athenabs13ohe answers:

You can try, getting a hot bowel of water, (if you got any vicks stick a spoonful in bowel.) get a towel put over your head and lean over the bowel with towel covering the bowel and head, breath in the steam from the hot water and the vapours of the vicks, if you have any, this should open the nasal pasages and enables to loosen the catarrah of your sinuses and hopefully clear your nose. If this dont help, try and get to the chemist where they can give you more advice to clear your nose, i cannot remember the name of product that helps sinuses at mo. hope this helps a bit.

Supplement from 02/04/2009 09:29am:

another tip, is to get a hot flannel (not to hot as tho to burn your head.) place it across the head and nose, this will also help get the sinuses to open and flow.

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xoloriib answers:

Steam is good if you can stand it but a lot of people with sinus problems become infected easily after steam. Youhave to wait a long while before you can go out into cold air.

Another way to loosen the stuff in your sinuses is a fresh hot chilli. Make sure when you eat it there's plenty of contact wit the roof of your mouth. If you can't find fresh chilli the a pickled jalapeño will be better than nothing, it just won't have as much vitamin C. This will make it easy enough to blow it out your nose.

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Poindexter answers:

Get a nose flusher already!


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Russel.West answers:

Try drinking more water - the body is designed to clear itself, so many of us fail to drink enough liquids especially water every day - worth a try.

Also if you half yawn and you hear a click in your ear canal which has just opened and you breath hard through your nose with your mouth closed but still half yawning - you should hear a whooshing sound - do this regularly and it should help clear that part of your internal canals...

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