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Is there any way you can improve your sense of smell?
I've had a cold for going on two months now, and I've almost entirely lost my sense of smell. Is there anything I can do to improve this, or it is just a waiting game?
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seacommander answers:

In my experience you'll just have to wait for nature to take its course.

The following may be of help:

What Can I Do?
Wait it out. If you have had a cold with a stuffy nose, chances are a few days wait will see your sense of smell return.

Sweat it out. If your nose is stuffed up from a cold, mild exercise or a hot shower may "open it up."

Stop Smoking. Smoking causes long-term damage to the sense of smell. If you quit smoking, you may notice some improvement.

Check with a physician. If your sense of smell seems to have disappeared or changed, consultation with an ear, nose and throat physician is a good idea.

A sinus infection can block your sense of smell and depending on the cause of the sinus infection, a more serious condition may be present.


The above site and several others point to sinus infections as possibly being the cause of long term loss of smell and recommend a visit to the GP for investigations.

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siasl74 answers:

Get one large bowl, a near boiling kettle, a small bottle of eucalyptus oil and a tea-towel. Water in bowl, a couple of drops of oil in water, towel over head, hover head over bowl.

Should help clear up the nasal passages and sinuses, but it's only temporary (but does help recovery, too)

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