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How will people in America be celebrating Abraham Lincoln's birthday?
February 12th is Honest Abes birthday.

I think I'll drink some American wine that day and toast the great man.
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cryptminder answers:

Probably most of American dont even know its his birthbay and the rest are too wrapped up in themselves to bother.

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KentPDG answers:

Lincoln's Birthday is Feb. 12, and Washington's Birthday is Feb. 22. IN many, perhaps most, communities the second or third week of February is designated as President's Week, and it is a school holiday. Lots of families take ski vacations that week, and it is the second-biggest ski week of the season (behind Christmas week).

Very few Americans treat Lincoln's Birthday as a separate holiday, or make any special observance. Only two days later is Valentine's Day, which is a major event for many, especially women who expect to receive gifts and cards and flowers, dinners in nice restaurants, and the like.

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