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Applying for a mortgage, credit issue
I am in the process of applying for a mortgage, and have been told by the bank that I have some sort off issue with my credit history, I have tried experian and eqifax and had nothing come back any other ideas on how I can find out what this problem is?
asked in Money, urgent, credit history

siasl74 answers:

Ask your bank to clarify just what the issue is, should be your first port of call - particularly if you take in a copy of your credit report with you so they can point at a line item.

Saying that, it may be that someone you lived with once had an issue - this can sometimes have repercussions.

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LeggyandLovely answers:

That happened to me regarding my ex husband, because you have to state when applying for a Bank Account, Mortgage etc where you had lived in the previous 5 years. I could not understand why it was so hard for me to get a mortage, then the bank told me later what to do. It had transpired that my ex husband had run up credit card debts at the Marital Home after I divorced him. So I had to do a notice of disassociation, but just to make sure, I changed my name too.

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