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When you were a Child, what did you get told on who made Snow/thunder and lightening?
I was always told when it was Thundering and lightening, that it was "God" moving the furniture about and switching lights on and off, and i also got told "God" used to much washing powder in his machine. What were you told when weather was like this? Why dont parents just explain what really causes snow etc?
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siasl74 answers:

God didn't feature - my parents weren't religious :-)

From what I can remember, I always got the straightforward explanation of what happened - I certainly can't remember anything about pixies causing snow, or whatnot.

I doubt I was exposed to the full cycle of "rivers flow into seas which evaporate and form clouds which rain and is collected into rivers", but I was certainly made aware of the varying elements of that chain

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Redslap answers:

I was told that the clouds were angry at each other... and the noise and flashes came from them thumping around. When I was a little older and could grasp reality a little better I got the truth... I think I was around 7 when I got the real explanation.

I certainly wasn't taught to be afraid of it and hide under the bed, as some of my friends were.

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high1971 answers:

i was just told it does not matter just get out and enjoy it

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jacquesdor answers:

Thunder was when the big clouds bumped into each other, the lightening was when things exploded because of the crash.
Nobody thought to explain snow - any more than they did rain, but we were told the story of Mother Goose plucking her geese and the feathers fell to earth as snow.Just as a fairy tale.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Not being a religious family in anyway but was told rain was the tears of God, thunder was moving furniture and lightening was when he was mad with the world.

I think this was only explained this way so they didn't have to go into the intricate details of weather systems. Just the easy option I think but slightly strange for none god fearing people.

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Theminxy1 answers:

My Dad was an acedemic and very intelligent man, and told me right from the start about the causes of different weather. It wasn't until my Nan told me about 'God's angry' or 'moving his furniture about' that I heard different tales, and these were mainly directed at my little sister.

That said, Dad and I would Don wellies and coats and go sit out in thunder storms, getting soaked and cold, but enjoying watching the storm go round the hills non-the-less. It didn't matter what the foul weather, we would go out and experience and enjoy it. Clear frosty nights would find us out in the garage star-gazing through the enormous telescope he built. Snow was a time for clearing paths for neigbours and feeding the birds especially well. Rain meant wellies and walks in the beech woods to enjoy all the wonderful earthy smells.

I loved every moment of it, and the mugs of cocoa and sausage sandwiches that we made when we finally came indoors were pure magic.

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