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i am already a british citizen but my husband is not. we were married in another country where divorce is not allowed. since we are here in england, can i file for a divoce?

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high1971 answers:

that depends on the country you got married in

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rasputin1309 answers:

Yes, (as long as you fulfil the appropriate criteria) - although your divorce may not be recognised if you return to the country you were married in.

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cryptminder answers:

You have to show the court that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This means that either one or both of you feel that you cannot stay married to each other. Either of you may apply to the court in England and Wales for the marriage to be dissolved as long as you have been married for one year at least and that one of you has been a resident here for the year before your application is made. (If either of you is not usually domiciled in England or Wales, we can refer you to ones with international experience.) The application to the court is called a Petition and the spouse who files (sends) the Petition is called the Petitioner. The other spouse is then called the Respondent. You need to prove one of the five following facts:

This site may help you more

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