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My wife is suffering from pelvic joint pain in the third trimester of her pregnancy. Has anyone got any practical tips on how to deal with this?
I've read the websites which recommend physio and working with your consultant and midwife, but these things all take time to get sorted, and my wife is in pain now. Has anyone got any practical advice or experience of helping relieve the pain associated with this? It is also called symphysis pubis dysfunction.

(For those who have not come across it, basically, the hormones that help the ligaments stretch during labour are working overtime in the pelvic bones, meaning that every movement - especially walking and climbing stairs) is causing the pelvic bones to move and rub together far more than they normally would.)

Any help or advice based on practical experience would be appreciated. Does osteopathy or chiropractic treatment really help? Or indeed, accupuncture?
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ReginaTWerner answers:

Hiya Duffster, There is no quick fix but your wife should start cantienica yoga which is extremely helpful not just during pregnancy but particularly during delivery and afterwards, to get the pelvic area sorted again.
I wouldn't go to an osteopath or chiropractor because it's too much outside influence - never good in pregnancy.
I just tried google-ing it but there are not British pages coming up but a few vids on YouTube. Have a look. If you're unlucky, drop a message and I'll try and get a book with lots of pics to you in the post asap.
Hope your wife gets better fast!

Supplement from 02/06/2009 12:18pm:

Just thought of something else - buy a babybelt (hope you can get them in England), it supports the pelvis. Also - drinking more than usual also helps. Above all - not doing too much, not carrying anything at all, if possible, and doing gentle exercises to get it all sorted.
Here's a alink for a babybelt:

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blacksmith81 answers:

There are a few here;


Generally, advice comes down to avoiding situation where her legs are spread laterally, as this increases stress on the pelvic joint.

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