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Why does ITV commission such short series?
I found out that the final episode of Demons is due to air on Saturday - ITV only commissioned six in the first series, and yet you usually find with really successful dramas (Buffy, Star Trek, Stargate, etc.) that it takes longer than this for a series to get properly established.

Primeval is similarly cursed with just tiny episode runs.

Why does British TV have such short series?
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Topaz2308 answers:

Usually the second series is slightly extended to the first as the first is actually to gauge peoples reactions and the popularity of the program. It would be foolhardy to commission a long and costly series that bored the public from the out set as they would then have to scrap the series and lose money to boot.

So we have the tease of a series to wet all our appetites and then we go for the longer run after being kept waiting for many months for more. It just keeps us all wanting and looking for more thus boosting the amount they can charge companies to advertise in such a prime program.

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