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What impact do dogs have on the relative security of your home?
I've always thought that houses with dogs put burglars off. Is this true?

I know that my wife deliberately keeps the dogs in the lounge if someone comes to the door who she is not expecting and uses them as an excuse to keep the front door shut, for example.

Are burglars wary of dogs?
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jacquesdor answers:

When I bought a house with a burglar alarm many years ago, I had to call in the repair man when it went wrong. While he was working on it, he told me that I actually had no need of an alarm because I had two dogs. Many people will ignore the sound of an alarm and burglars know this and will take the risk. Very few people would take the risk of breaking into a house if they hear dog barking.
So, according to that ┬┤expert ┬┤burglars are certainly deterred by dogs.

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imfeduptoo answers:

I used to think dogs were a deterrent but after an incident many years ago I wouldn't solely rely on a dog to protect me or my possessions.

I was working in a pub, all the customers had gone but we hadn't locked the doors, when a gang of thugs burst in. The landlord immediately called his guard dog down (I'm not into dogs so don't know what breed it was but it was pretty fearsome).

The dog flew at one of the men who, with a quick movement of his hands, closed them round the dog's jaws which left it powerless to do anything.

Maybe if the burglar was running away the dog could have the advantage but I don't believe a dedicated burglar would be put off by a dog, especially if it was the family pet.

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Topaz2308 answers:

For me they have been a good deterrent when I caught a man trying to break into our previous home, one bark from the dog and he vanished back over the fence he had just climbed to gain access to my property. I however was in a queuing system to the local constabulary and by the time they actually did answer they said as the perpetrator had already gone it wasn't worth them coming to check it out.

So for me at home with my two children all on my own he was our only protector and at least more interested than the loca police force.

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tracieboo answers:

Mika might not be the biggest dog in the world, but she has a decent bark on her when anyone comes near the front or back door. The postman is petrified of her and if he has to ring the bell, he runs up the steps and shuts the gate before anyone has a chance to open the door to him! So i guess it would put off most burglars.

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KentPDG answers:

I don't know. We have never had a burglar, during the 50 years that I have had my own home.

If a burglar came in, Cronus might affectinately lick him to death.

We are set back from the sidewalk about 50 feet. Cronus barks his head off (when he's awake) when anyone passes our house -- and he can certainly be heard on the sidewalk, as others have advised me. He sounds ferocious, but I really don't think that's why we haven't been burglarized.

We have little that would be worth stealing. And if someone were to kidnap me for ransom, they undoubtedly would not get paid.

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