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What are some of the things you can do to help your symptoms if you suffer from low blood pressure?
I have spoken to the docs and they were not a lot off use other than saying to be aware off my symptoms and try and continue to eat well.
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high1971 answers:

well eating healthily is more important if you have low blood pressure than if you have high blood pressure so i would say that was good advise

Supplement from 02/06/2009 10:51pm:

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tracieboo answers:

My daughter has low blood pressure, the doc said it is better than having high blood pressure.

All he said was to drink more....

he also said that she might need more salt in her diet.

Supplement from 02/06/2009 11:28pm:

just thought of something else....

The doc said support tights/socks might help! My daughter wasn't impressed!!

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blacksmith81 answers:

Appropriate treatment for Hypotension, depends on the cause, so your GP should be focussed on determining this, in order to be able to assess the risk to your health.

The article below will provide you with more information;


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seacommander answers:

This is no place to be acting on any treatment or lifestyle advice given. You must seek help from the professionals. From what you say it seems that your GP might be a little dismissive so why not try seeking some advice from the British Heart Foundation:


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xoloriib answers:

Drinking through a straw increases blood pressure temporarily. Your blood pressure will increase 10 - 15 points whilst you are wearing a wristwatch.

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