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What evidence supports the the thought that milk and dairy product bad for you?
I heard in passing some people that say humans should not drink or eat milk and dairy product due to how it affects our health. What evidence if any supports this?
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wumpus answers:

Here's one possible reason.


There are plenty of others claiming various other ill-effects of milk.

Supplement from 02/07/2009 11:34am:

Here are some more stories.
Not sure if you'd count them as "evidence" but certainly something to think about.


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xoloriib answers:

If you look hard enough you'll find evidence to support any theory. The so-called bad effects stimulate the immune system to react in a certain way. Moderation in all things is a phrase that has been bandied about for some time but it's not a bad motto to live by. I have read that the dairy substitute made from soya beans has the same effects as dairy products so be careful if you're going to look for an alternative.

Supplement from 02/07/2009 01:14pm:

Milk and soya intolerance


Evolving allergies


Have you tried goat's milk? Many who are cow lactose intolerant are not goat lactose intolerant.

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Messerwisser answers:

It is a well known fact that only a minor part of the Earth population have the enzymes required to digest milk without any problems.

Supplement from 02/07/2009 12:27pm:

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macavity answers:

All edible foods have a benefit to mankinds wellbeing unless you have a allergy to a particular one. The key is in moderation in taking them. If one look back in time all foods have been bad for you ie:-butter (until we had a butter mountain), wine (till there was a surplus), bread (till they realised it was a staple food) and so the list goes on. These fads or trends which ever you want to call them are very often down to the different diets that people try.If one eats correctly then all foods are a benefit to you. Alot of the allergies today I think is down to the immune system not getting the impureties to combat them. As my granmother used to say she would have to eat a speck of dirt to live to be one hundred.

Supplement from 02/07/2009 01:03pm:

Have a look at his that I have just come across

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