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If I removed milk and dairy from my diet how best can I replace the goodness I will lose from my diet?
I was tested years ago and it showed I was intolerant of milk and dairy product and I am aware it how it affects my skin and my digestion. I used to be able to handle it in small amounts just recently I am taking worse reactions than usual to less amounts of dairy produce. I suspect one off my daughters has the same problem and am starting to feel for her sake (and mine) the family should remove dairy from it's diet. I have lived with out meat before but never dairy (except briefly as a child when first diagnosed with the allergy).

Anyway how can I remove it safely from our diets with out my children missing out in anything? I have over sensitive health visitors so need to make sure I sound like I know what I am talking about before they hear I have changed the kids diet. The last time I removed gluten for 6 weeks they reported me to social work department for endangering my kids health!
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xoloriib answers:

Milk and other dairy products provide us with calcium, Vitamin D and serotonin. You can replace the calcium by eating broccoli more often though you may lose some friends as it is notoriously gassy. Vitamin D is a bit tricky for you as this could be replaced by longer exposure to early morning or evening sunlight. It can also replaced by cod liver oil or halibut liver oil. Serotonin is needed more at night time to help with sleep : I think maybe the inexpensive way to replace it is with peanut butter. Chicken and turkey meat also contain plenty of serotonin.

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siasl74 answers:

You can get calcium enriched rice milk which is yummy - my wife is lactose intolerant, too, and it's just so much easier for us both to drink the same stuff.

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