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How many horror movies in total were spoofed to make the Scary Movie trilogies?

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tracieboo answers:

In addition to parodying the Scream series and I Know What You Did Last Summer, a number of other pop cultural references are made:

The Blair Witch Project - The scene in which Gail Hailstorm and her Jamaican cameraman are videotaping one of the killer's murders, then they get spotted and they try to escape, however, Gail's cameraman gets killed and Gail apologizes to the cameraman's family by videotaping her apology and leaving it behind so it can be found.
The Usual Suspects - Doofy's character and situation remotely resembles that of Verbal Kint's. The scene towards the ending is an almost exact replica of the final scene from The Usual Suspects, complete with Cindy dropping the coffee mug with "Doofus Porcelain" written on the bottom (a direct parody of the scene where Detective Kujan discovers his own mug was made by a company called "Kobayashi Porcelain"), Doofy's limp gradually disappearing, him shedding clothing to reveal his real appearance, lighting a cigarette etc.
The Shining - When Buffy is about to be killed the word "Redrum," is whispered. In The Shining, Danny Torrance writes this word (murder reversed), and speaks it, while semi-possesed.
Titanic and Amistad - When Brenda and Ray are at the movies, a film trailer is shown showing a man on a ship at sea resembling like Captain Edward John Smith of the Titanic, and features a character (Keenen Ivory Wayans) saying the infamous "I'm king of the world!" line, leading the viewer to assume that the film is related to Titanic. Instead, a slave master whips the man, who is revealed to be a slave, as the trailer is revealed to be for a sequel to the 1997 film Amistad.
Thinner - In the opening scene, Carmen Electra's character is run over by a car. The driver (her father) gets distracted in a similar way as in the movie Thinner.
The Matrix - The fight scene between Cindy and the killer utilizes "Bullet time" special effects.
Drop Dead Gorgeous - The beauty pageant scene with Buffy.


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