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With Australia in the middle of a heatwave and Britain plunged into the coldest winter in a long time, does this bode well for a good British summer?
My thoughts however go out to those Australian caught up in the severe bush fires at present.
asked in Australia, UK, Weather forecast

rainchild answers:

And here in tropical Australia we've been having severe flooding!
I don't understand why Europe would be having such a debilitatingly cold winter when we're supposed to be feeling the effects of global warming.
And yes, if I were to place bets, I think your next summer will be very hot indeed. Temperature extremes closer to the poles, and seasons melding together closer to the equator seems to be the current pattern.

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xoloriib answers:

I imagine that it will mean that the extreme weather of global warming will continue. Hotter Summers and colder Winters. If you think that hot weather is good then you'll probably enjoy it. Personally I prefer Spring and Autumn type weather so the present conditions are uncomfortable. It's as hard to explain what extreme heat is to somebody who hasn't experienced it as it to explain snow to somebody who hasn't experienced that.

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high1971 answers:

i think that this year uk in main will have a normal summer but quite possible an indian summer
but it will take alot of sun and heat just to dry the feilds up i feel
yes i have seen the pictures of the fires and they are not nice lets just hope no one else loses thier lives from them

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sheps101 answers:

nope it was predicted to be a great one last year too, but I predict the British summer will be driech as usual, saying that one off them has to be a good one soon...

Supplement from 02/08/2009 10:48am:


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athenabs13ohe answers:

Apparently so. (well what weather peeps say.) When the 1st batch of sun fell, they were talking about would this bring on a hot summer.
And the response was, because of the Sun spots activity of the sun, we "could be "in for a hot summer. But as you know weather people cant get it right, also the weather can change its mind at any 1 point. I dont think it be as wet as it as been last 2 years.
You read it here 1st folks. ;0)

Supplement from 02/08/2009 08:39am:

oops meant "batch of snow" not sun. doh.

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vultan answers:

I read something somewhere - but annoyingly I can't remember where - that suggested our recent mild winters and wet summers were caused by some larger climate thingie happening in Europe at the moment, but which is believed to have come to an end - hence our unusually severe winter this year. In which case we might be in for a nicer summer. However, this argument is rather weakened by the fact that I can't remember where I read this...

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