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Darwin is 200 years old today, would any-one like this Poster for their childrens school wall/or home wall.? link below
I watched the tree of life and found it very educational.
Here is the link for the tree of life poster. Would any parents find it useful?

http://open2.net/darwin/poster.ht ml copy
asked in darwins, birthday

vultan answers:

Can't see much of it on the link, but I think I'd have loved that poster when I was a kid. I'd probably order it for my niece if she was a little older. I loved posters of animals and dinosaurs and stuff like that.

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wumpus answers:

I saw the programme and thought it was excellent.

I was going to order a poster but forgot.

Thanks for reminding me; poster now on order.

Hopefully it will inspire my nipper to ask difficult and pointed questions next time his granny drags him along to church....

Supplement from 02/10/2009 03:19pm:

Ps. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

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