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A musician explained to me that songs in a minor key are (usually) sad and those in a major key (usually) happy. What are some songs that are the exceptions to these rules?
Sorry if I haven't got the terms right but I'm just a whistler. In fact that's how I got talking to a musician one day. I was whistling a song that he didn't recognise but he guessed was Russian because many Russian songs are in a minor key. So I whistled him a few more that I thought he probably didn't know and so the conversation continued.
asked in major, minor, music

high1971 answers:

anything by barry white
or in the wifes eyes daniel o'donnel

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wumpus answers:

Take Five by Dave Brubeck.
It breaks most of the rules, not least for having 5 beats in a bar.

Also, the Pink Panther theme by Henry Mancini.
Which also breaks a "rule" or two.

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Messerwisser answers:

In Sweden we have many songs, e.g. by Evert Taube, where the melody is shifting between major and minor in the same song.

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