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How should young children who procreate be treated?
There's the story in the news this morning about the 13 year old boy who has just had a baby with his 15 year old girlfriend. Realistically, neither kid is permitted to have a newspaper round without parental consent, so I find it difficult to believe that they will cope with the demands of parenting.

Should there be procedures in place to automatically respond to instances like this? For example, should babies born to children under 14 automatically be offered for adoption? (ideally, within the family first).

How does the law react to issues of parental consent - could a 14 year old consent to major surgery for his/her child, for example, when they would themselves require parental consent if they needed surgery? If grandparents have to take on this responsibility anyway, would it be better to insist that they (grandparents) either adopt the child, or face having it removed and placed with other adults who are in a position to care for the baby?
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Family.Guy answers:

Biologically speaking if they are that young and able to concieve then they are ready to have children, However mentally i do not think they are prepaired to have children and thats who i think parenting classes should be aimed at. I am all in favour of schools taking part in that programme where they give students dolls to look after to show what having a baby is all about, Thats enough to put anyone off lol.
Seriously though i think if this does happen then yes should be offerd for adoption to the family as you suggested.Then out to other families, If its of ethnic origon then maybe Angilina Jolie :)

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wumpus answers:

Another option would be to consider taking both the teenagers and the newborn into care.

Clearly the baby's grandparents weren't very good at looking after their kids or making tough decisions if they've let it get to this stage. Why run the same risk with another generation?

I don't necessarily think this would necessarily be a good option, just one to consider.

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high1971 answers:

they should be treated like any other member of the community just maybe more educated in ways of life and supported by all concerned
yes they are young but there is no reason to say that this will stop them from becomming very good parents

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tecspec answers:

It's also likely that both sets of grandparents were also young parents. Annoys me that its us tax payers that will have to pay to bring up this sprog and the others they are likely to have.

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