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What tunnels/tubes/paths join the nose, eyes, mouth and ears? How big are they?
I always find it bizarre when my ears pop when blowing my nose. How big are the passes that link nose and ears. And are the same passages connected to the eyes (inspired by those weird people who can 'cry' milk)?
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jacquesdor answers:

The estacion tubes join ears, nose and throat ... obviously the eyes too since if my eyes water it runs into my nose, although I never cried milk!
As for the size, the only thing I can come up with is not ever so big, since they tend to block so easily.
Not very helpful I admit, but at least you got what they are called!

Supplement from 02/13/2009 02:09pm:

Sorry ..... should have been EUSTACHIAN tubes!

Supplement from 02/13/2009 02:11pm:

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