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When did Women 1st start to shave their legs and Why?

asked in legs, shaving

vultan answers:

Possibly as early as prehistoric times.


It doesn't specify exactly which types of hair were shaved (likely impossible to tell) but flint razors have been found.

The timeline also specifies:

"4000 - 3000 B.C. -

Women are removing body hair by making their own depilatory creams that contain bizarre combinations of scary ingredients, such as arsenic, quicklime and starch."
That probably included removing hair from legs.

The first time it specifically mentions legs is:

"400 B.C. -

The typical man of INDIA is found sporting a neatly trimmed, well-groomed beard; yet he shaves off all hair on his chest and pubic area; the average woman is removing hair from her legs with razors and tweezers."

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