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Why when Men wet shve their faces it can burn, but yet when shaving Legs it dont?

asked in men, shaving, tender

duffield1 answers:

The skin on the face is much thinner than the skin elsewhere on the body, which makes it far more sensitive and prone to burning.

Also, you'd never recommend for a woman to shave her face, as men's skin is 30% thicker than women's, so if you can imagine what it does to a man's face, it would be significantly worse on a woman!

Supplement from 02/13/2009 04:03pm:

Just to add, men often try to get the closest possible shave on their face by pressing on hard - but end up taking not only the stubble, but the top layer of skin off, too (the major cause of razor burn). I suspect that most women do not press on quite as hard when they are shaving their legs - the hair is simply not as dense so it is less likely to be missed in the stroke of the blade.

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