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Does haggis taste like faggots? If not, is there anything similar to compare it with? I've often toyed with the idea of trying some and just wondered how tasty it is.

asked in haggis, taste, food

jacquesdor answers:

Almost exactly like faggots, I was surprised to discover I really enjoyed it.

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cryptminder answers:

Not really, it has a distinctive taste all its own. Its actually not bad, served with "Tattys and neaps" that is mash and carrot mixed with swede, And you can also have a spot of Whisky added to enhance its taste.

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Redslap answers:

Yep, like Faggots. Haggis is completely yummy. Very savoury and satisfying, and counts as comfort food in my book. It's lovely with just a wee touch of whisky in it and an onion sauce over it if you want to avoid the haggis/neeps/tatties thing, although the traditional combination is lovely too.

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